Moses Lake Christian Church (hereinafter called the “Church”) is committed to supporting those mission organizations and individual missionaries who have as their primary purpose, the teaching and spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Because of work done in geographical areas that are hostile to Christians, and specific areas of ministry that would possibly deter non-Christians from participating, it is understood that there may be no specific reference to the spreading of the Gospel in a mission organizations “mission statement”, even though that is the primary purpose.  Each mission organization and missionary which requests support will be evaluated to insure that the primary purpose is the spreading of the Gospel




MLCC designates 10% of the total undesignated monies given to the Church as a funding base for mission organizations and individual missionaries selected by the Missions Committee for continuous sponsorship and/or one time donations.


It is the intent of the Missions Committee to fund mission organizations and individual missionaries with whom the Church can establish a personal relationship, for the benefit of those supported and the Church as a whole.  To that end, the Missions Committee believes that fewer, rather than more, missionaries and mission organizations should be supported in order that more financial support can be given in a meaningful way, rather that token amounts that do not provide any real significant help.